Is It Safe My Cat To Sleep On The Microwave?

Many of us have been there before. You’re working hard at the office, and you see your cute little kitty snuggled up on top of the microwave. It’s so tempting to let them stay there and take a nap, but is it safe? Let’s take a look at the risks and benefits so you can make an informed decision.

Are there risks to lletting your cat sleep on the microwave? Perhaps, but they are extremely minimal if you have a modern, undamaged microwave that is functioning properly.

You might feel like there is a small risk of electromagnetic radiation exposure. Most microwaves are well-shielded and if something were wrong the microwave wouldn’t function. Even in a worst case scenario there would be a small burn, not the harmful radiation that you’d imagine could happen.

There is also a risk that your cat could be injured if the microwave were to turn on while they were sleeping on it. While this is unlikely that anything could happen, aside from the cat jumping up from fright and landing awkwardly.

There could, conversely be some senefits of letting your cat sleep on the microwave. Cats love warmth, and microwaves emit gentle levels of heat that can be beneficial for them. If your cat is prone to joint pain or stiffness, sleeping on the microwave may help them feel more comfortable. Microwaves are also generally very stable, meaning there’s less risk of your cat falling off and injuring themselves.

Pretty Safe

So, is it safe to let your cat sleep on the microwave? There are some risks to consider, but overall it’s probably fine as long as you’re careful. Just make sure that the microwave is turned off and on stable footing for the best experience.